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Trance Channeling: A Voyage into Spiritual Communication

Deep trance channeling is a spiritual practice that involves entering a deep state of consciousness to communicate with non-physical entities, often referred to as spirit guides, ascended masters, or angelic beings. Practitioners of deep trance channeling believe that it provides a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, offering wisdom and guidance from higher consciousnesses.

The Practice of Deep Trance Channeling

In deep trance channeling, the channeler enters a deep meditative or trance state, often achieved through focused breathing, visualization, and relaxation techniques. Once in this state, the channeler allows a non-physical entity to communicate through them. This can involve speaking, writing, or other forms of expression.

It’s important to note that trance channeling requires a certain level of skill and practice. It also requires a strong sense of trust and surrender, as the channeler is allowing another consciousness to use their physical body as a vehicle for communication.

The Purpose and Potential Benefits of Deep Trance Channeling

Many practitioners turn to deep trance channeling for spiritual guidance and wisdom. The belief is that the entities communicated with during channeling are of a higher vibration or consciousness, and can provide insights that support personal growth, healing, and spiritual development.

Some channelers report receiving guidance on specific life situations, while others receive more general wisdom about spiritual matters. The channeled messages can be profoundly transformative, often promoting a greater understanding of one’s self and the universe.

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Bart Smitt Deep trance channeler and healer


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Orion Mott is a trance channeler and spiritual medium to answer all of you spiritual questions


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Michelle Russell psychic

As a Medium, Michelle receives strong insights, feelings, and images, and will relate specific details such as names, dates, scents and memories. She often mimics mannerisms and distinct speech patterns and body language that clients unquestionably recognize as their Loved Ones – this all leads to deeply moving, humorous and, at times, quite colourful moments! Clients often exclaim “That is EXACTLY how he would talk! I felt like I just spent the hour with my Loved One!”

As a Psychic, Michelle helps clients gain a broader insight into their lives’ purpose; shedding light on subjects such as relationships, love, career, business and family (lottery numbers not included)!

Michelle is consistently called upon in missing persons cases and for consultation and referrals with therapists, health care professionals, law enforcement and military communities within Canada and the United States.