Doula Midwife

Doula midwife

Shauntahl is a Doula / Midwife as well as an Aromatherapist and energy healer to meet all of your needs.

Shauntahl is an Intuitive Healing Practitioner who supports her clients through coaching and energy realignment sessions as her clients reclaim their soul birthright as they rediscover and embody their purpose and mission in this life. Shauntahl also leads  Moon Circles where you will participate in gentle yoga, meditation, and sound baths with the purpose to promote community and teach practices you can do on your own to help clear and raise your energy body as to remove blocks that stop the flow to be able to manifest your desires.

Harmonizing the auric and chakra systems through energy healing and aromatherapy. You will release blocks in your energy field that makes life feel stagnant but you don’t understand why. When we release these blocks on the energetic level it allows the body the opportunity to do what it does best which is heal and be healthy.


Phone Number: (647) 296-8303