Medical Intuitive Reading


The Realm of Medical Intuitive Readings

Medical intuitive readings are a relatively novel area within the holistic health field. Rooted in the belief that individuals possess an innate ability to understand their own health on a deeper, intuitive level, these readings aim to uncover underlying health concerns and guide individuals toward improved wellness. This article delves into the process and potential benefits of medical intuitive readings.

Understanding Medical Intuitive Readings

A medical intuitive is a practitioner who uses their intuitive abilities to identify health issues that may be affecting an individual. These readings are not tied to the traditional medical diagnostic procedures; rather, they draw on the practitioner’s intuition, which may include clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), or claircognizance (clear knowing).

During a medical intuitive reading, the practitioner tunes into the client’s energy field or aura, to identify imbalances that might signify physical, emotional, or spiritual health issues. The reading can address a wide range of concerns, from specific physical ailments to more holistic wellness matters such as stress or energy depletion.

The Role of Medical Intuitive Readings in Health and Wellness

Medical intuitive readings can serve as a complementary approach to conventional healthcare. They do not replace medical advice or treatments but can provide individuals with a different perspective on their health. These readings can facilitate a deeper understanding of one’s body, helping to highlight areas of stress, disease, or imbalance that may not yet be recognized in traditional medical tests.

Additionally, medical intuitive readings can provide insights into the emotional or spiritual factors that may contribute to physical health issues. They can highlight the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit, promoting a more holistic view of health.

Orion Mott Medical Intuitive

orion mott

Orion Mott is a well know medical intuitive (medical medium) in Toronto.  He has been doing accurate readings and healing sessions for more than 15 years.  Although he doesn’t medically diagnose disease, he is able find the “issues” or “areas of concern” and usually find the meaning related to these issues.  In an integrated session, he helps people heal themselves with his guidance.


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